Everything You Need to Know About RERA Forms in Dubai

The RERA Forms: A Must-Read for Buyers and Sellers in Dubai

If you’re buying or selling property in Dubai, you’ll need to be familiar with the RERA forms that are required for each transaction. These forms are designed to protect both buyers and sellers, and to ensure that all parties are aware of their rights and obligations.

Here's a brief overview of the five most important RERA forms:

Form A: Broker's Contract Agreement/Listing Form

This form is used when a seller appoints a real estate agent to sell their property. The agent will use their expertise and network to find a buyer for the property, and will negotiate the sale price on the seller’s behalf.

Form B: Buyer's Agent Agreement


This form is used when a buyer appoints a real estate agent to help them find a property to purchase. The agent will search the market for properties that meet the buyer’s needs, and will negotiate the purchase price on the buyer’s behalf.

Form I: Agent to Agent Agreement

This form is used when two real estate agents work together to sell a property. The form outlines the roles and responsibilities of each agent, and ensures that both parties are aware of the commission structure.

Form F: Purchase Agreement Contract

This form is the most important RERA form, as it details the terms and conditions of the sale of a property. The form must be signed by both the buyer and the seller, and it must be witnessed by a RERA-licensed real estate agent.

Form U: Notice of Termination of Agreement

This form is used to terminate a RERA form agreement. The form must be submitted to the RERA by the party that wishes to terminate the agreement.

To learn more about the RERA forms, you can visit the RERA website. You can also contact a RERA-licensed real estate agent for assistance.

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Interactive Content

Here are some interactive ways to learn more about RERA forms:

  • Watch a video: The RERA website has a video and User Guides that explains the RERA forms in detail. User Guide
  • Take a quiz: The RERA website has a quiz that you can take to test your knowledge of the RERA forms. Workshops and Training
  • Attend a workshop: The RERA website has a list of workshops that are being held on RERA forms. Workshops and Training

The RERA forms are an important part of the real estate buying and selling process in Dubai. By understanding these forms, you can protect your rights and ensure that your transaction is smooth and hassle-free.

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